Who We Are

More than 110 years ago a handful of conservationists, motivated by a deep concern for Texas' forest resources, formed Texas Forestry Association. As the years passed, they were joined by others, forming a continuous bond of dedication, service and support to the forest lands of Texas.

Today, the Texas Forestry Association, still guided by a conservation philosophy, has become more than just an association of forest-minded landowners, businesses and professionals. It has reached far beyond the original concept of TFA in 1914, and today offers programs for almost every Texan interested in conservation, business, history, education, wildlife and more.

Member Benefits

TFA’s goal is to represent the people in the forest sector by promoting healthy political and economic climates, and to encourage sustainable forest management, which provides clean air, clean water, diverse wildlife habitat, and products that enrich all our lives.

Texas Pro Logger Program

The Texas Pro Logger program consists of a two-day core training session and continuing education.


  • Economic Summary of Texas Forests 2021
  • Best Management Practices for Silviculture (loggers and other natural resource professionals)
  • Required Documentation for Purchase and Sale of Trees 
  • Landowner Guide to Sustainability 2023 (comprehensive)
  • Texas Forest Info - Funding Connector (cost share programs), My Land Management Connector and more
  • Texas Forest Literacy Plan 2020

Legislative Action

Texas Forestry Association lobbies on behalf of the Texas Forest Sector for environmental, forestry and other issues affecting timberlands, transportation and more, and supports pro-forestry state and federal legislators through the Forestry Political Action Committee.

  • State Legislative
  • Legislative History
  • Federal Legislative

The Texas Forest Sector contributes $41.6 billion (directly and indirectly) to the state’s economy each year.

Tree Farm Certification

To promote the growing of renewable forest resources on private lands while protecting environmental benefits and increasing public understanding of all benefits of productive forestry.

The Texas Forestry Association is important to us because of the useful information as well as the representation it gives us with the governmental entities, such as the Texas Legislature, which is very important in going about our business.

Jerry & Mary Marcontell
Jerry & Mary Marcontell